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Max 1 Instant Glue - Made in Germany

Using Max 1 Glue Safely

Even though MAX I is a non toxic bio-degradable adhesive, as with all other chemical compounds it is important to observe the following safety rules:

  1. Never inhale the vapors from the adhesive.

  2. Do not swallow MAX 1.

  3. Avoid contact with the skin or eyes. If the adhesive should get into the eyes flush liberally with eye wash and seek medical advice immediately. In the case of skin contact wash the area with hand cleaner or warm soapy water.

MAX I is a technically advanced version of a cyanoacrylate adhesive. When using these adhesives observe the following:

  1. Never attempt to cut the applicator nozzle open if the MAX I container is pointed directly towards yourself.

  2. Keep MAX I out of reach of children at all times.


MAX I industrial adhesive is not normally sold through retail establishments. Please feel free to contact us at our head office to place orders or to speak with one of our technical staff regarding special applications.


Material Data & Safety Sheets (MSDS)

For additional information, download the MSDS .pdf:


Material Data Sheet MAX 1 Glue


Material Safety Data Sheet MAX 1 Accelerator


Material Safety Data Sheet MAX 1 Primer




Did you know that MAX1 GLUE is non toxic.