Max 1 is

New German


Max 1 Instant Glue - Made in Germany

Max1 is GREAT for Boat, Marine or Yacht Repairs

Max 1 Instant Glue is great for fixing and repairing almost anything in on the marina.  Max 1 is non-toxic, non-flamable, dries clear and best of all - waterproof. 


The uses for Max1 Glue are endless.


Here are just a few ideas for things that can be fixed with Max 1 Instant Glue.....


Fan Belt Repair

TRUE STORY: A boat show customer in Miami went to the Bahmas with his boat, on the way back his fan belt broke.  He had just bought the Max 1 glue at the boat show som while on the sea, he glued the belt back together and made it safely back to Miami shore.

TRUE STORY: Bought the MAX 1 last year at boat show I'm on a week cruise on my sailboat. Fitting to hot water heater cracked.  Without your MIRACLE MAX 1 the hot showers would have been over!  Thanks for a gray product.

Charlie. Knupp. Sailboat  DAFFY ?


Did you know during the Vietnam war, they glued soldiers wounds together, on the battlefield rather than transporting them to a hospital.