Max 1 is

New German


Max 1 Instant Glue - Made in Germany

Max1 is GREAT for Household Use


Max 1 Instant Glue is great for fixing and repairing almost anything in the home.  Max 1 is non-toxic, non-flamable and waterproof.  Max 1 dries clean so it is perfect for fixing even the most delicate of china and porcelein.


The uses for Max1 Glue are endless.


Here are just a few ideas for things that can be fixed with Max 1 Instant Glue.....


Fix Your Favorite Flip-Flops With Max1 Instant Glue

If your favorite flip-flop breaks.... 

  1. Put the Max 1 glue on the Rubberpiece
  2. Press it back in
  3. Go around the joint with the accelerator brush
  4. Put them back on and walk away!

Fix Your Watchband With Max1 Instant Glue

If your leather watchband comes apart...


  1. Use the accelerator on one side
  2. Use Max1 Instant glue on the other side
  3. Press together for 10 seconds
  4. You can wear your watch right away again

Fix Your Tooth Cap With Max1 Instant Glue

If your toothcap comes off... 

  1. Clean and dry the cap
  2. Dry your tooth
  3. Use Max1 Instant Glue -- but only one drop on the cap
  4. Press place for 10 seconds
  5. Don't forget, Max1 is non toxic
  6. For better control, you can apply with a TOOTHPICK!!!

TRUE STORY: A gentleman at a tradeshow came to our booth put his broken dentures on the table and asked us if we could help him.  He had dropped them in his sink at home and they broke apart.  We dried the dentures and used only on one side the Max 1 glue -- pressed them together for a few second and gave them back to the man.  He did put them back in his mouth and was so happy that we could help him, because he could not afford new dentures!

Fix Your Favorite Coffee Mug With Max1 Instant Glue

If the handle breaks off your favorite coffee mug...


  1. Use the glue on one side (cup side)
  2. On the other side (handle side) brush the accelerator
  3. Press on for 20 seconds
  4. Done!
  5. The coffee cup is ready to be used again

Fix Your Shoes or Sneakers With Max1 Instant Glue

If the sole or the tip or your sneakers comes lose...


  1. Put one one side the glue
  2. On the other side the accelerator
  3. Press on
  4. Go around 1 more time with the accelerator brush
  5. That always, "seals the deal"



One time at a tradeshow a gentleman was sold on the Max 1 Glue and wanted to pay with his credit card, but the card was almost broken into two pieces.  So we glued the card back together, only with the Max 1 glue and than we swiped it to finish the sale!

If you don't have a bandage handy...


You can use Max 1 Glue on a paper cuts (but JUST the Max 1 Glue)


It works better than a bandage and washes off after a couple of days.


 Max 1 Glue is a must for model makers.














Did you know that the FBI uses Glue to make fingerprints visible.