Max 1 is

New German


Max 1 Instant Glue - Made in Germany

The Sky Is the Limit!

You can fix almost anything with Max 1 Instant Glue....


What Ever Your Hobby of Choice is...

  • Gun Owner

  • Bow & Arrow Hunter

  • Fishing 

  • Golfer

... everyone can use Max 1 Glue for repairs

Max 1 Glue is great for doll repair -- even Doll Doctors use it

TRUE STORY: A couple in Coconut-Grove travelled to Venice, Italy and bought a few of their Famous Morano - Glass pieces.  They had it shipped over to the USA but they did not do a good job wrapping.  Most items had damages of some sort.  They tried every glue on the market but nothing worked.


I told them to bring me a Murano glass piece to the show.  I fixed it with the Accelerator on one side and the instant glue on the other side. They were thrilled!!!


We also fixed several of the famous Jadro figuries from Spain - we are a MUST for collectors!


Did you know that MAX1 GLUE is non toxic.